A wildlife day

We spent the day in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone, since Dustin had to come out this way for a couple of business meetings.

Let’s play a game. Can you spot the river otter? Hint, he really wishes we’d go away and leave him in peace.

2016 Otter 1

How about here?

2016 Otter 2

Or here? (He’s being sneaky in the other pics. This one is just proof that I’m a terrible photographer.)

2016 Otter 3

New game. Can you see the bears?

2016 Bears

That one wasn’t very hard. We found them right by the Yellowstone River Picnic area, where they were digging for grubs and merrily ignoring the 700 tourists who had stopped to see them.

Now here’s a bonus shot of us hanging out in Boiling River this morning.

2016 Boiling

It was a good day in Yellowstone. 🙂


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