The relationship between beds and exterior temperatures

If you’ve been online or looked at any news-related TV programs lately, you’ve probably heard that there’s a bit of a cold snap gracing the northern US right now. Really, really cold. The high in the Black Hills today capped off at 11 degrees, and my mom reports that in Yellowstone, the temperature didn’t get up past 7. It’s supposed to be even colder tomorrow.

It’s possible I’m not a big fan of leaving the house when it drops down past 20 degrees. Couldn’t tell you why I settled on 20, but that seems to be the magic number. So when I finally hauled myself out of bed this morning, it was a little later than normal. I showered, stuffed myself into some longjohns, and then, well… I crawled back into bed with my computer. I thought maybe I’d stay there all day, but then I saw this graph that Dustin made for me.

The relationship between beds and exterior temperature

I didn’t realize it was a personal creation right away. I thought he had found the perfect meme for me. And then I realized it was his handwriting. He’s brilliant, what can I say?

I never did go to the office this morning. I would protest that there were extenuating circumstances (beyond the weather), but I suspect no one would believe me.


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