The Morning of the Super Boff

I don’t make mistakes one at a time, I make them in packages. More efficient that way. Makes for better story-telling too. (Scope this one out for my most epic of Super Boffs.)

I had an appointment for a hair cut at 8:30 this morning. I was running a little late (go figure) and then when I got where I was going, I drove right past the building because, for some reason, her sign was down. I drove around the block, almost turned up a one-way street going the wrong way, then parked two blocks away because I couldn’t stomach making an uphill left-hand turn in Lead. I had my computer with me, so I locked the car and began the hike up the hill to the salon.

When I got there… empty. Not just closed, but clearly she’d moved out. Guh… what? I reached into my purse to call and see where she’d gone. No phone. At least my computer was in my car so I could find some wireless and look it up.

I got back to my car and discovered I’d brought the set of keys that only starts the car, but does not unlock it.

Oh crap.

So I hiked farther down the hill to the gas station where I mooched a phone to call the office. Dustin was out for a breakfast meeting, but Amanda had just called saying she was still on her way to work… from Lead. “GIVE ME HER CELL PHONE NUMBER!” So I called and got her voice mail. I tried calling again because I thought if it rang enough times, she might pick it up even though she didn’t recognize the number. Instead, some dude named Ted (whom I had apparently just woken up) answered. Oops, sorry Ted.

I called the office again to confirm Amanda’s phone number, then called her back. She answered, and was already down at the office in Deadwood. She most generously offered to come get me, so I called Dustin to see if he was available to give her the keys so I could take my own car back, but he didn’t answer his phone.

So. My car is still in Lead (where I don’t THINK I’ll get a ticket for leaving it parked all day…) with my computer locked inside. I have to do payroll this morning.

I’m… hungry.


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