Dinner & the Artifact: a post I owe to Jerry

Okay, Jerry. Here’s the story:

I had to borrow a large number of Dutch Ovens for a French Feast* I cooked back in September. One of the ovens I was offered was from Jerry. Apparently he unearthed it in some dusty, moldy corner of his basement when he and his wife moved into their house fifteenish years ago. Here’s how it looked when I picked it up:

(Images blatantly stolen from Jerry’s fb album)

I immediately set out to clean the pans up. Alas, they weren’t ready in time for my French Feast, but I did manage to make the smaller “lid” pot usable, and used it to sear up some delicious steaks last week. So here’s what it looked like after I scrubbed 100 years of petrified grease off it (the artifact bags in the background are purely coincidental):

I then greased the pan back up and stuck it into my oven for several hours of seasoning. Here’s the picture I drew for Jerry of the results:

I swear I took pictures of it when I used it to make dinner the other night, but now we can’t seem to find them. I’ll keep looking, and some day, I’ll also give Jerry his pots back. 🙂

*The Dutch got to name the oven because they perfected the method of casting iron that made the most desirable ovens. The French, as is their style, took what the other folks invented and found a way to do much, much tastier things with it. This is why all the recipes I know for my Dutch Oven are actually French. Yum.


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