The Kitchen Game

I’m moving into my kitchen!

This is big, exciting news. We’ve been waiting and waiting for a new floor, which was finally installed on Saturday. It is El Cheapo Paste-On Faux Parquet. Excellent. The plan is to totally remodel the kitchen some time down the road (probably a couple years from now), but for now, we just wanted it functional.

We’ve spent the last two evenings trying to clean all the dust, mouse remnants, and old junk out so we can start moving our stuff in. It is a SERIOUSLY disgusting place right now. So far, I’ve got all the upper cabinets, drawers, and half the lower cabinets cleaned up. Dustin’s done the windows and sink. All that has taken us two days. Whew. Hopefully tonight will be enough to get the rest done, because I really, really want to move in.

Just cleaning the place up makes it a whole lot cheerier, but take a look at what I will be spending the next two or three years cooking in:

It’s actually a very nice space – plenty of room to move around, decent counter space, appropriate work triangle – but it’s dark. This picture was taken mid-day with all the lights on. It’s gloomy and dingy. That brick business back there? It’s all fake. And it’s grimy. I can’t seem to do enough to clean it off. The cabinets block light from every angle. The counter is regulation 1978 mustard yellow Formica.

What’s a girl to do? I’d really love to slap some paint around to brighten the place up until I can start tearing things out and putting them where I want them. What do you think?

My first thought was to paint the cabinets white, which always seems to brighten up a kitchen, and maybe paint the walls sort of a nice lemony color. Something that won’t make you want to throw up when you see it alongside the counters. So, compliments of Sherwin Williams’ awesome paint-planning tool, here’s my white’n’yellow kitchen:

Yah, I’d like to paint right over the top of the brick. I tried bashing some of it off with a hammer last night, and it went rather badly. The main problem with my color adventure up there, though, is that the lighting in the photo is so bad that I can’t actually choose the colors I think I want. If I put on a nice creamy white and nice lemony yellow, it looks as if I’m trying to stab your eyes out with bright shades. So I chose shades about three times darker than what I really want, hoping it will show the colors the way they’ll actually look in the kitchen even if the paint is bright to start with.

Is it awful? I honestly can’t tell. I think the yellow walls might be awful. Let’s try blue instead:

Erf. You see what I mean about the bright? I think the blue is too bright for the lighting. But anyway, I think I like this better. You? I don’t really know if I’ll ever be able to convince Dustin to paint over the brick, but we’ll see.

Any other colors I should try? How about green?

Ooh, for an afterthought, here’s what happens if I leave the cabinets as they are and just paint the bricks white. It’s not too bad, really:


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