Doods, we bought a house…

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the epic house tale:

Deadwood, where we work, is a 40-minute drive from where we live. This has never been a huge problem, but we’ve always figured that if we stumbled across a perfect house in Deadwood, we’d probably move up there.

At the end of March, we found that house:

Thinking that it was beautiful on the outside and delightfully historic (a bonus for us), we called our realtor and she gave us the tour. Though it certainly needed a lot of work, it was awesome and beautiful and obviously more house than we’d ever need or be able to afford or…

What’s that you say? It’s a foreclosed property? Fanny Mae is selling for the low low price of Holy Cow We Can Afford That?

Before the day was out, we’d gotten the city Historic Preservation Officer, the City Inspector, and a contractor up to look at the property. We got their opinions on how much effort and money it would take to fix it, whether it was worth the asking price, and what sort of assistance we could get from the Historic Preservation Fund.

The next day, we were at the bank applying for a loan. Before the week was out, we were pre-approved and put in an offer.

Turns out, we were too slow. Another offer had been submitted an accepted while we were doing our homework. It was awful. We’d gotten ridiculously attached to the house. I was irate and indignant to find out that the other offer came from someone who wanted the house as a project, to be flipped and resold. Didn’t they know that I wanted to live in it? Love it and fix it and be an excellent neighbor? Shouldn’t they have learned a lesson from the guy who got foreclosed on because he thought he could flip it?

Displaying irrational optimism, we watched the MLS listing every day to see if the “Under Contract – Financing Contingency” would go away, for better or for worse. Our realtor told us not to hold our breath.

Then one Saturday, three weeks later, the house reappeared on the market – “Available”. We high-tailed it to the realtor’s office to resubmit our offer. By the end of the week, we were accepting their counter-offer. Today we signed closing papers.

Our current house goes up on the market on Monday. Until it sells, we’ll be eating nothing but ramen and freezer pizzas. It’ll be worth it. The new(old) house is a three-minute walk from our office, and it’ll be an incredible project to keep us busy for the next, oh, several decades.

Besides – with this many bedrooms, we’ll be able to have one zillion visitors. Give us a call. I’m accepting reservations starting now.

Check out some great pictures here:!/album.php?aid=216333&id=504773272


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