I know what you did last spring…

It wasn’t until a chamber mixer this evening that I realized how many people I know who are expecting babies in the next couple weeks. I know four of these women personally, and heard about three others at the above-mentioned mixer. Before I could stop myself, I said, “was there a storm?” Happily, I don’t think anyone quite understood what I meant (since one person answered, “yeah… the moon must be full”). But by then I was curious.

I’d like to share with you an excerpt from my Twitter history.

Today will probably be spent by everyone in the state in anticipation of the Storm To Come.
10:57 AM Mar 22nd from Echofon

** Does the Blizzard Dance **
9:23 AM Mar 23rd from Echofon

No gloves or fuzzy hat. So much for that snowman.
12:37 PM Mar 23rd from Echofon

Only in SD when a blizzard is approaching would there still be plenty of milk and bread in the store but absolutely no ground beef.
3:09 PM Mar 23rd from Echofon

Snuggled in cozy at grandma’s house with a fire and a jimmied-up internet connection. Let the snow day begin!
3:10 PM Mar 23rd from Echofon

Going to make an epic trek over to the Gulch for some dinner. Yes we called. They’re open. Hehehe.
6:26 PM Mar 23rd from Echofon

I was worried the Gulch would be closed but it was the happening place to be! A nice man with a plow offered to drive us home. We walked. 🙂
9:23 PM Mar 23rd from Echofon

Blue skies, smiling above me! Nothing but blue skies, and a four-foot drift in front of the door…
12:34 PM Mar 24th from Echofon

I rest my case.


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