My Wilted Thumb, or, My Poor Pumpkin

So back in May, as I goo-ed and gah-ed over my giant baby pumpkin, I promised updates all summer on her progress. There haven’t been any. I’d like to put forth the argument that I didn’t really break my promise, because – pitifully, there never really was much progress. First, here is the pumpkin plant as of last Saturday:

giant pumpkin plant

It doesn’t look so bad, save for one notable exception: do YOU see a giant pumpkin? I sure don’t. I don’t even see a little pumpkin. Problem is, none of my pumpkins seemed motivated to grow this year. Not even the regular-sized ones.

By the last week of August, I finally had a baby pumpkin on this plant. I figured that maybe if the fall was nice, I’d have a month to let it grow, and even a month ought to be good for a giant pumpkin to get sort of big, right?

I forgot one little detail. I have a beautiful 6-foot fence around my entire back yard. This pumpkin is not in my back yard. Here is the status of my pumpkin at present:

Poor pumpkin

Poor pumpkin. It is a cruel fate, to be gobbled by deer then tossed aside like so much flavorless squash…

It was about the size of my fist when this happened.  Here’s my next-best pumpkin:

world's smallest giant pumpkin

We’ll see how big it is when the deer get to it. I guess I’ll have to take a pass on this year’s Pumpkin Festival (unless I want to try clocking in with the world’s smallest pumpkin).

In other cool pumpkin updates, look what’s hanging out in my pumpkin flowers!

pumpkin bees

There’s no perspective in this photo, but each of these bees is about the size of my thumb. There were two bees in every flower that I peeked into. So strange! With that much polination action, you’d think I’d have more pumpkins. Maybe the beese waited until September to get busy this year.


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