Lest I be fired…

I’d better get a post up before the end of May. Two whole months missing from the archive is just too much to excuse. What can I possibly say that is witty? I blame my recent silence on the dead batteries in my camera. Dustin’s got a great camera, but if I take pictures with it, I have to find a way to get pictures OFF it, and that’s a little more tricky. If pictures were just a little easier to get to, I could tell you all about my recent adventures in Music Man, kite-flying, onion-shrinking, and giant pumpkin envy.

Hmm. I can find a picture of a giant pumpkin somewhere online. Let’s do that.

Photo filched from blackhillsgiantpumpkins.com
Photo filched from blackhillsgiantpumpkins.com

I wanna grow a giant pumpkin. There was an article in the Rapid City Journal last week about growing “extreme pumpkins,” and now I have pumpkin envy. Who doesn’t need a 700-pound gourd in their backyard?? Though seriously, if I was going to grow a pumpkin that big, I’d have to do it somewhere where the neighbors could see it too. Y’know… so they’d think I was overcompensating for something. (What do women overcompensate for? Hmm…)

But there’s a problem. I searched the Giant Pumpkin Website and found no answer to it there, so I sent an email to the Giant Pumpkin Gurus, Lisa and Matt:

I saw your article in the RC Journal last week, and I’ve been daydreaming about growing giant pumpkins ever since. I have the space and the interest – there’s just one problem. My husband says I’m not allowed to grow anything that weighs more than I do unless I have a plan for what to do with it at the end of the year. I know you have a pumpkin fest where I can come show it off (assuming I can even find a way to GET it to the pumpkin show… I don’t think my Toyota Camry will quite cut it), but then what? What becomes of all these prize-winning pumpkins? Do they get baked into 6000 pies? Sold as playhouses? Mulched for canabalistic fertilizer of next year’s crop?

I’d love to hear back from you. Thanks!

I am waiting anxiously to hear what they might have to say.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to have to assume I may not be allowed to grow my pumpkin after all (or that it may simply be too late in the year to start) and will have to content myself with trying to grow spaghetti squash – the newest addition to this year’s garden.

Updates to follow.


3 thoughts on “Lest I be fired…

  1. Wow, the silence is broken. Thought you had fallen off the face of the planet… or at least your chair.

    Is that a Peep Martini I see in your header? That’s just wrong! (Not to mention plain gross)

  2. Peeptini = yum. I probably shouldn’t keep the image in my header though, since it isn’t my picture. :p I’ll work on it. And now that the play is over my goal is to be better about ALL my hobby writing. And, um, to finish painting the eggs that are sitting all over my house, much to Dustin’s distress.

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