The Pickle Ladies

So after discovering our parts last week, Anne took to calling me the Principle Pickle. I can’t blame her. “Pick-a-Little” sounds a lot like “pickle ” to me. And so I was inspired to a flight of artistry. Check it out:


The Pickle Ladies! Hahaha. I think I’m very funny.

And, because we’re the Principle Pickles (by our own designation, not by any sort of actual superiority):

Pickle Anne
Pickle Anne
Pickle Laura
Pickle Laura

4 thoughts on “The Pickle Ladies

  1. Whoa! March 3? You’re totally delinquent with this blog. What’s going on with the Pickles? Are things still kosher? What the dill-y hey?

    Okay, that’s as many pickle puns as I can think of right now. Hey, it’s Friday and I’m tired.

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