Puerto Vallarta Day 7: I’ve Already Been Here A Week??

Ah, how time does fly!

Today was very nice and laid back. I slugged around the condo until well after lunch, working on yesterday’s blog (ssh, I didn’t really write it yesterday – don’t tell!) and finishing one of my books. I’ve nearly run out of books to read. I only brought four, which I was sure would be enough, but I’ve been gobbling them up. I found a whole stash of Abandoned Vacation Reading under the TV, though, and plucked up a copy of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s Timequake. It could be one of the strangest things I’ve ever read, but it’s fast reading, so I’ll keep at it.

The grand victory of the day was spotting some sea-life in the ocean. When we arrived, Bonnie told us we could see sting rays and pointy-nosed fish and schools of crazy little fish all from the balcony, using the binoculars. She also told us we would see whales. Seven days of looking later and we’d seen nothing. Today was nearly a bingo, though. Dustin started us off by spotting crazy little schools of jumping fish, then, a bit later, the pointy-nosed fish. We decided these must be needle fish. A bit after that, I spotted a couple dark blobs that turned out to be a pair of sting rays. Success! Now we just need to spot some whales before we go. I don’t even know what sort of whales.

We went into town for dinner at a place called Cafe de Olla which turned out to be super delicious. I got beef enchalladas which I could hardly finish because I also got an apatizer of “tamal” (not sure why they weren’t “tamales”) which was so good I ate nearly the whole thing all by myself. But now I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow, which is really good news, since I’m a little tired of our regular options.

And now here I am, writing another blog. No great Tales of Interest for the day, but that’s not such a bad thing. Be back tomorrow!


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