Puerto Vallarta Day 6: Creepy Spiders & Breakfast Burritos

(Don’t worry – no spiders IN the breakfast burritos.)

It is amazing how quickly you can run out of groceries when you can only bring home as much as you can carry on the bus. So today we went into town for groceries and lunch.

Before completing either of these tasks, we did a bit of wandering about. The walk along the beach in Puerto Vallarta is quite nice, and then if you turn inland at the river, there is a whole long island full of tacky tourist shops where you get heckled and heckled. Dustin likes to be heckled, so I just let him deal with them while I wander all moon-eyed through the booths. There’s no danger of me accidentally buying anything, because we came without any checked luggage, and there is NO place to shove any souvenirs on our trip back. Besides which, I’m all scroogey with our money.

There was a lovely moment, however, when I got distracted by a spider. I have been looking for spiders since I got here, they being something of a fascination for me, and I’ve seen plenty of webs and plenty of crabs, but no spiders. This time, I saw a web in a tree, and sure enough, someone was home. I made Dustin take a picture for my collection (squeemish beware: this is one super-creepy looking spider):


Isn’t she awesome?? She was about the size of a nickel. I’m going to have nightmares about him for weeks.

While we were busy playing with the spider, Bonnie got tired and helped herself to a plastic chair belonging to one of the heckling vendors. When he returned – looking plenty surprised to see his chair taken over – she said, “Mister! Please, come into my shop! Look at my beautiful things!” The vendor, delightfully quick on his feet, put his hand thoughtfully up to his chin and said, “No, no, I’m just looking.” Hahaha!

I love Bonnie. This is very typical of her. As another example, when we were walking down the street toward the restaurant to eat, we passed a man carrying flowers that he was obviously going to deliver to someone. “Are they for me?” Bonnie asked him, sounding oh-so-wistful. The poor man was confused for a moment before he realized she was being silly and told her “No, no sorry. Not for you!”

The other noteworthy event of my day was cooking up breakfast burritos using chorizo saussage. This is only interesting if you know that I’m a fervent maple-flavored-saussage fanatic, so going outside my comfort zone was a big risk. It turned out the saussage was wonderful, but I thought the potatos were only so-so. They were very sweet and tasted very earthy. Kind of strange. I think everyone else liked them a lot, though, so it was just fine. They can eat the leftovers.


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