Blizzard, Baby!

I’m snowed in! Hooray! I’ve been waiting to get snowed in since I moved into this house. We’ve had a few other good blizzards, but the hazard of working in Deadwood is that you usually get snowed in there with no chance of getting back to the house. Last night, we crept home at about 30 miles per hour (took a little longer than an hour) and when we woke up this morning, here’s the sight that greeted us out the bedroom window:

Beautiful. Now why is it on mornings when I work I can’t pry myself out of bed to save my soul, but on mornings when leaving the house isn’t even an option, I can’t go back to sleep? I have no idea. In any case, I got up and went to see if I could scope out the damage. The windows and doors are all crusted over with snow and ice, making it nearly impossible to even see outside.

The cat, who has been frolicking happily outside every day since last spring’s snows melted, was totally baffled. Just three days ago, it was 79 degrees here. She has been sitting by the back door all day, staring at the snow drift, unable to figure out why we won’t let her out. I finally pried the door open – six inches is about the best I could do – and held her up so she could see. She blinked in confusion a little before trying to step out onto the snow. I fished her back inside where she threw a fit as I dried her off, then immediately resumed her post by the door. Poor Minou.

Too curious to leave well enough alone, I shoved into my boots (still wearing fuzzy pajamas) and tried to get outside. I could only open the front door about six inches, so I went through the garage. The side door there opens inward and the drift outside that door was only about a foot high.

It is SO cool outside. My pictures won’t really do it justice because the wind is blowing so hard I couldn’t leave the shelter at the side of the garage. In some places, the drifts are nearly six feet high. The fence you see IS six feet high, to give you an idea. In other places, you can see the grass. It’s really beautiful and really white. I love it.

This one was taken through our bedroom window into the back yard.

The other corner of the back yard. My garden is under there somewhere. Poor carrots.

The front yard, snow sculpted up and around like sand dunes. Really cold ones.

And here’s the reason I couldn’t get out the front door. Too cool.


6 thoughts on “Blizzard, Baby!

  1. WOW!!! Its possible I am beside myself, I cannot believe the fact that there are two posts in two days… but wait… that brings the total to a whopping 3 posts in TWO months! Im here to give you grief its what I do 🙂 its not snowing here but it is definately cold!

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