Iowa: Capital Capital of the World!

Welcome to my second installment of epic road-tripping! Last fall, Dustin and I did the Epic Michigan Road Trip, and this year we are going for another epic road trip, though along a different route. This year, we are heading to Washington DC, new(ish) home of my parents.

The excuse for the trip came about shortly after we rented our house to some Biker-Docs from New Hampshire during the week of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. No place to live? Guess we’ll have to go on vacation! My father provided a right handsome excuse when he said “I have GOT to figure out how to get my Miata to DC.” Dustin and I exchanged significant glances, and it was settled.

Of course, nothing ever goes as smoothly as predicted. Giving a house a thorough scrubbing for stranger-guests is difficult while maintaining a regular schedule, so we didn’t really get around to it until the day we were supposed to leave. Dustin was up before sunrise mowing the lawn (the neighbors loved it, I’m sure), and I wiped enough dust off our furniture before 9am to sculpt a 10-pound dust bunny. (I would have named him Fred.)

By the time we headed out of town at about 4:00 that afternoon, we were about 6 hours behind schedule. Oops. At least our hotel reservations hadn’t been made ahead of time.

Driving the Miata, we decided to stick to the back roads, avoiding interstates and, hopefully, the heavy incoming Rally traffic. While still in South Dakota, I only counted 87 bikes on the road, which didn’t seem like very many. We wound down south of the interstate, driving through places like Scenic and Interior, nestled along the Badlands. I got some pictures, none of which do the place any sort of justice.

Finding a hotel for the night did prove rather tricky. Apparently there weren’t many bikes on the road because they’d all already stopped early for the evening. After several busts, we finally found a place in Vermillion.

And this morning, it was on to Iowa! As we’ve been driving through, I’ve come to realize something: Iowa is the Capital Capitol of the World! We drove through Le Mars: Ice Cream Capital of the World. There, we had some delicious tasty ice cream (of course). From there, I swear I saw several other “capital of the world” signs, but now that I’ve gone to look them up, I can’t find the ones I thought I saw. In any case, here are some of the other things Iowa *thinks* it’s famous for:

Le Mars: Ice Cream Capital of the World
Musketine: Pearl Button Capital of the World
Shelby: Purple Martin Capital of the World
Dyersville: Farm Toy Capital of the World
Knoxville: Sprint Car Capital of the World
Council Bluffs: Black Squirrell Capital of the World
Early: Crossroads of the Nation

Heh heh heh. Poor Early. They’re barely at the intersection of two minor highways…


2 thoughts on “Iowa: Capital Capital of the World!

  1. ….and through all this all that keeps running through my head is:
    “eeeek! some big burly biker dude is sleeping in MY bed!”

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