Follow-up on the Mystery Car

Got an update from my mama:

“Reply to unsolved mystery. The woman driving the car was in serious shock and walked all the way to Sound Pro [about two miles from where she left the car] before she called the police. She told them she thought she had been in a car accident but she didn’t know where or if anyone had been hurt. I guess they put two and two together. The car she was driving lost its breaks at the top of Brookside (all the way at the top of the street where we used to live [about half a mile, all downhill]) so she apparently flew across Soo San [a busy cross-street] with no breaks too. Thank goodness it was 5:20 am and not 7:30. And excuse me, but Carol called at 6:30 not 7:30. I’m usually up by then!”

Okay, so I got my times wrong. The world should know that my mother is usually up and functional well before 7:30. Sorry mom! 😉

Additional details: the woman was delivering papers when this happened. No one seems to know yet what caused it. As far as my sources know, she is not injured, aside from the shock.

I went and looked at the Scene O’ the Incident myself yesterday, and it is pretty amazing. There are dozens of immoveable objects (trees, metal poles, giant rocks, the bottom of the creek) she could have hit but didn’t. So kudos to her for being able to maintain as much control as she did for as long as she did.


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