Flashback to my early days of internet use, some time slightly after I realized that downloading wasn’t a sin and slightly before there was much that was actually worth downloading.

Does anyone else remember eSheep? I guess they’re also called “Sheepy,” though this is the first I’ve heard of that. They really crack me up. I tried to find some a year or so ago but all I could find was the updated version that you had to pay for. Humbug.

But lo! My friend Margit found me a shiny, free version, and it’s just as hilarious as I remember.


5 thoughts on “e-Sheep!!

  1. i couldnt help but smile when i saw this thank you for bringing this back to my life!

  2. I remember those! You used to be able to get dog and cat ones too, where a single digi-pet thing would sit on your screen and dig holes in the document. Cute!

  3. Oranges? As in, crazy little oranges that zoomed around the screen? I don’t think I’ve run into those before, but they might be funny to see.

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