Henri le Chat

A friend sent this to me today in honor of my own darling cat, Minou, who clearly has her own well-developed sense of angst. Most recently, this has manifested as a crush on the office dog, Frank the Pug. Frank is also black, and not too much bigger than Minou. Unlike all the other dogs she’s ever met, Frank is very calm. He stays in a chair and stares at all the passers-by. Even when Frank gets up and wanders around, he is completely uninterested in Minou – not even a friendly little butt-sniff. The result is that Minou sits and stares at him, pining from afar, desperately wanting a little attention but too self-conscious to ask. Alas for poor Minou!

And Henri, up there? He cracks me up. The French in the video is less than perfect (though I don’t think the guy who did it quite deserves the beating he’s getting for it in the comments) but the video as a whole is pretty hilarious.


One thought on “Henri le Chat

  1. That’s fantastic! I’ve got a big, mopey black cat, and I think this pretty much sums up his daily thought process.

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