Send Me A Sign! No really… please?


I have started a new blog. 🙂 I have a deep love of things that are silly – when they’re meant to be, but especially when they aren’t. One of the best places to find such silliness is along the sides of the road. People put the most incredible things on billboards!

Once I started thinking about it, I realized that signs are great in so many different ways. They announce, advertise, remind, plead, and inform. Working for an advertising company, I know how difficult it can be to come up with something really clever, and how valuable. More often than not, though, it’s the people who aren’t trying to be witty who do the best job.

So I’ve decided to celebrate signs. I’ve created a blog that will be solely dedicated to posting the good ones that I find, either personally or elsewhere online. There are a few sites I’ve found that apparently started with this goal in mind, but most seem to have gone defunct. Eventually, I hope to have other people send in their signs as well, and I’ll post ’em all.

To start, I’ll put up one sign a day. So go check it out, and come back again tomorrow! Wheee!


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