No Democrats Allowed

Ssssh! Secret Public Meeting! No Girls Democrats Allowed!

My mother-in-law is running for the State Senate. I have no idea why. I have absolutely no interest in public service myself, so I’m baffled when other people put huge amounts of time, effort, and money into trying to get elected for such a thankless job. Well, they probably don’t think it’s thankless.

Anyway, the other night, she went to a Public Forum for the Republican Party. She herself is a democrat, the only democrat running for this seat, so she wanted to know what sorts of issues she’d be dealing with once the election becomes her vs. the republican candidate. She asked Derek, the guy who shot the video below, to accompany her and record the proceedings so she could sift through them later.

Remember: Public Forum. Everyone’s invited but, apparently, not everyone was welcome. Check out this video. Derek subtitled it so you could better understand what’s going on.

In sum, there was a gentleman present who wasn’t interested in having republican secrets videotaped for the whole world to see. He wanted to have Derek and his camera tossed out, or failing that, offered to provide his services as a human barricade. In case you missed it, here are the highlights:

Objector: I don’t think it’s right to have him film for a democrat so she knows what the hell we’re talking about.

And my favorite:

Nyla: I’m sorry, I thought this was a public forum.

Moderator: It is a public forum.

Objector: It is a public forum but we don’t want the opposition coming in and listening to our candidates!”

In the end, Derek was allowed to stay, and Mr. Objector cooled down, took a seat, and wasn’t a bother any more. What’s more, absolutely nothing interesting happened for the rest of the forum. I’m a little disappointed. Maybe if they hadn’t noticed Derek there in the first place, they’d’ve let loose with some nice republican secrets. Oh well. Maybe next time.


3 thoughts on “No Democrats Allowed

  1. ‘But they’ll come in the War Room! They’ll see the Big Board!’

    Dr Strangelove flashbacks, anyone? 🙂

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