My Fame, My Air Conditioner

I looked at my blog stats yesterday and was delighted to discover that my popularity has skyrocketed over the last week or so. Visitors to my site have doubled, setting three new record-highs.

Further examination reveals that this has nothing to do with my wit and charm, but rather with my picture of an air conditioner that I used in my April’s Sucky Day post.

Suddenly the weather is nice and people are shopping for A/Cs! I have no idea how my post could have gotten ranked high enough to come up in so many searches, but there you have it.

And now this is my sympathy post. If you stumbled on this blog because you’re trying to buy an A/C, here is how you can get to the site that sells the A/C in my photo: Click Here!

Happy shopping! Good luck keeping cool!


2 thoughts on “My Fame, My Air Conditioner

  1. You should try something like “Killer Frogs Suck Up to Office Manager”, “Drunk Gorilla Goes on Shooting Spree”.

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