Why I’ll Be Insufferable For A Month

Fiddler Cast

The play is over. We closed this evening to a standing-room-only crowd. It was our best show of the entire run, and we all came out of it feeling extremely proud of ourselves. Well we should! We worked hard and strung this show together with less resources than I ever would have believed possible. Donna recruited people off the streets, we begged, borrowed and stole (well, probably not) to get all the set, props, and costumes we needed. The whole community turned out to make this thing a stellar success.

After finishing, there was the handing out of acknowledgments and favors. Donna, amazing as she is, managed to hand-write personal notes to every single person in the (60+)-person company. Dave (our Tevye) went out and had OSCARS made for everyone in the cast. (I have an Oscar! hahaha! Ssh, don’t tell the Academy. I bet they’d object.)

My Oscar for Best Actress

Then we moved over to a local pizza joint (the fabulous Pizza Lab, owned by cast member Jeff Snedeker) to party and send ourselves out in style.

The compliments I received all throughout the day were enough to cause a girl to blush even through the plentiful makeup she was already wearing. My prize for favorite compliment goes to Thomas (Motel, my in-play husband) for this gem:

Dustin: Nice work falling in love with my wife.

Thomas: Thank you! It wasn’t difficult.

Laura: Awww! *blush*

Donna complimented my eyebrows, saying even they managed to stay in character. She also said many many other wonderful things, which I won’t repeat here because there’s a point at which talking about how wonderful one’s self is becomes impolite. Music Director Dean Peterson has always been fantastically supportive. He manages to make me feel like he’s my number one fan, and the best part is that I suspect he makes everyone else feel just the same way. Why can’t more people in the world be like that?

My heart is absolutely full of positive energy tonight. I feel like I’ve been a part of a really wonderful thing. Not just any part, either, but a part that really made a difference and touched some others in the process.

So THIS is what I was missing in high school theater. And no wonder theater is so addictive.

And though I’m sad it’s over, I know that you can have too much of a good thing. We’ll just have to find some other show and give it another go. So for any of you fellow company members who are reading this – thank you SO much for the wonderful experience. We kicked some serious booty with this show, and I look forward to having a chance to do it again.


2 thoughts on “Why I’ll Be Insufferable For A Month

  1. Tzeitel aka Laura – You WERE part of an incredibly wonderful thing for which we are all grateful to have shared with you. Being out amongst them as I am, I hear daily from our admiring audience. WE ARE THE TALK OF THE HILLS!!! Only the ravages of time will erase this PEAK Experience from our minds – Anatevkians forever, until death do we part!!
    Thank you Laura (and Dustin for sharing) – May the spirit of the Fiddler live on in all of us!

  2. Thanks Bill. 🙂 Ravages of time, hm? How long do you suppose it’ll take time to do its work on this one? I’m thinking about as long as it takes us to put together the next show. Hehe. Here’s hoping!

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