Spring, South Dakota Style

My poor, buried car!

How do you know spring has arrived in South Dakota? Why, the five feet of snow on the ground, of course.

Spring blizzards are as common around here as deer on the side of the highway, but it’s been several years since we’ve gotten such a doozie. The last was April 2006, when a literal 5 feet of snow fell over 24 hours, collapsing the roof of the Walmart in Spearfish. That was the day after I left on a plane to go to Greece and get married, so I missed it. Getting married was a good excuse, but I love blizzards, and I was just a little disappointed.

So of course our big blizzard would come the day my play is supposed to open. Argh. At least we got to rehearse last night. I was worried they might cancel that rehearsal, then we’d open tonight without even one solid run under our belts. But no, we rehearsed, and even though we were missing several major characters, the people who did come really stepped up to the proverbial plate and did a fantastic job filling in. (Larissa and Patricia, you guys kick butt!)

Right. Anyway. The show is canceled tonight (*sob!*). I’m parked at my parents-in-law’s house watching as they shovel and snow-blow their way through drifts of snow topping four feet high. That’s my car you see above, and below are several other shots I took. The videos were picked up by CNN after Dustin submitted it to iReport so now we are (or at least our blizzard is) famous.

Click here to see it on CNN.

Click here to see it on CNN.

Trench 7.

Dustin proudly proclaims that he is Heinrich Schliemann, and he has just finished excavating Troy.


That dark streak at the bottom of the window? Yeah, that’s the snow. The fuzzy blob? That’s Willie.

Back deck.

Out on the back patio. There’s a four-foot retaining wall behind those chairs, below the bird-feeder. Really!

Monday, they’re predicting temperatures in the 60s. I look forward to seeing the landslides in the canyon.


3 thoughts on “Spring, South Dakota Style

  1. It was quite enough, thank you very much. I thought I was going to have to medicate the Stephmeister………….

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