Theater, Licorice, and Slippery Elms

Slippery Elm

Eight days until show time. Tonight, we made it almost through the second act. Friday night we’re supposed to do the show start to finish, whether it kills us or not. It might.

No no, to be fair, it’s been pulling together quite well over the last few nights, considering how fractured rehearsals have been up until now. Those things that make community theater so much fun can also make it a little crazy when you realize how little time is left before the first performance.

And I’ve caught a terrible cold. Well, to be fair, it isn’t a terrible cold – I’ve had worse – but any cold you get a week before a performance seriously sucks. I even went to the doctor yesterday on the slim hope that what I had was treatable with the miracle of chemical substances. No go on the antibiotics (thought it might be a sinus infection), but he gave me some sympathy steroids for my throat. I think they just made it worse, and it tasted like cherry feet.

Give me licorice tea any day. Turns out that the music director who recommended licorice for my “laryngitis” – though she has since left the show over artistic differences with the director – was actually right. At one of our health food stores, I found a tea composed of licorice root and slippery elm (I’ve been incorrectly calling it “slimy elm” for the last week… well, same difference). I commented on Facebook that drinking it feels like swallowing a warm blanket. Several people pointed out that this didn’t sound very healthy, so I must disclaim that I mean it in the most metaphoric of ways. In any case, it makes me happy and my throat seems to like it.

So out with the cold, on with the show!


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