Coffee Frog Says…

Humorous Pictures

Believe it or not, I just now discovered what I Can Has Cheeseburger is really all about. Yes, yes, I’m the last one on the boat, but I must confess that until now I’ve been completely turned off by the LOLspeak.

Then a friend at my Nerd Club posted the above pic as part of her signature. I nearly wet myself laughing. After the Garbage Kitty incident, it hit a perfect chord. I spent nearly an hour last night fishing through the old posts, laughing and laughing at the pictures.

humorous pictures

And while I remain convinced that LOLspeak will be the downfall of civilization (here, for your enjoyment, is a sample of what happens when it is used not only as a caption but as a comment: “Kin ai be nawt tree huntret? Ai dunt haz ainytin kleva tu sai eiva, but dat’s auka koz aim nawt nawt nawt sekkund”), I do agree that the captions are what make the pictures extra funny. And the happy factor outweighs the annoyed factor.


4 thoughts on “Coffee Frog Says…

  1. lolspeak is something fun to do, and think of it as cat talk. it’s not that bad.
    anyways… i can has cheeseburger is awsome!

  2. Somehow, thinking of it as cat talk makes it better. Hehe. But then, considering how unwilling my cat is to condescend to MY level socially, I guess I’m not ready to get down to HER level linguistically. 😉 Thanks for the comment, super girl.

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