Livin’ the Dream

We’re famous!

Lead opera house goes on with the show

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Lead opera house goes on with the show

Okay, being on local news doesn’t exactly qualify as famous, but it does make me feel extra cool. (Ten points if you can pick me out of the crowd! Hint: I’m not blonde and I can’t really sing.)

And to be fair, it really isn’t we who are the stars of this little report, it’s the Opera House itself. Built in 1914 and burned down in 1984, it is a beautiful wreck of a place. That’s probably a little more extreme than it deserves. Parts of it have been completely restored and look fantastic. The stage itself is a bit rough.

It looks a bit better now than it does in this photo, which is a few years old, but there is a lot of work left to be done, so they’re looking for funds. Hard to blame them! Being part of the first community production to happen at the Opera House for over twenty years, I’d like some lights and sound equipment too (especially since I’ve been well-informed about the pitiful state of my diaphragm. I’ll be hopeless without at least a mike dangling somewhere nearby…).


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