Peeps Gone Wild

I’ve been thinking about a Peep post for a couple weeks now. It’s that time of year to be surrounded by Peepy goodness, and I am happy. I’ve also noticed, since joining the blog world, that there are other peeple in the world who are as interested in Peeps as I am, and some of them are a lot funnier than I am.

So here, for your review, are the three most entertaining Peep items I’ve encountered this Peep season.


This comes courtesy of Isis Rosaline (and to her courtesy of  Cute Overload). The best bit is the dollar bills in their little Peep Bunny belts. Peep shows never looked so tasty.


And here, courtesy of a blog I found in a very round-about way, is a recipe for a Peeptini. I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s only because I haven’t gone grocery shopping for… uh.. three weeks? And wouldn’t you know it, Peeps are the only ingredient on that list which I actually keep in stock. But with a Peep floating around in it, how can it possibly be bad?


And finally, an item that had me nearly wetting myself from laughter.  Serious research, here. Don’t just look at the pictures, read it all the way to the bottom. It’s worth it. Why don’t I think of these things?


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