Do you feel a-PEA-ciated?

A comment left by a friend on my Muppet post got me thinking about Muppet peas again. I’m just sure I’ve seen some somewhere, so I went hunting. Well, no Muppet peas to be found. Isis did find me many other Muppet vegetables (though yes indeed, they have no bananas).

But here’s what I did find. Swazzle, a puppet company in San Fansisco, made some rather delightful puppet peas for an online greeting card site called I confess, I think the peas are the stars of the show, but how can you go wrong with puppet anythings?


Or maybe I was thinking of Veggie Tales? The peas there are French, Jean Claude and Phillipe.


But then, I never watched much Veggie Tales, and the ones I remember were definitely in a pod. And, on a final pea-y note, I must just say, I love this:


Slightly less witty (but better illustrated) than my favorite: Visualize Whirled Peas!

Have a nice day. šŸ™‚


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