When Hay Bales Attack

It turns out that working full time, interpreting meetings at the Hall into ASL, and being in a play results in a distinct and sudden lack of time available to spend online writing witty blogs. Right now, I’m camped out at my grandmother-in-law’s house in Deadwood because I didn’t even have time to go HOME today. Good thing I know people with spare houses.

In play news, it turns out that half the people involved with the show are at least a little crazy in one way or another. I love it. The director, Donna Fjelstad, is an absolutely wonderful woman who must have the patience of a saint. We had our second official rehearsal tonight (first that involved any sort of actual rehearsing) and it was pretty entertaining. Have I mentioned how much I like community theater?

Anyway, you are here to read about hay bales. Let me tell you all about it.

In big cities, there are frequently problems with traffic accidents: drunk drivers, crazy drivers, plain old danger-drivers. We have our fair share of these too, but over the last weekend, I noticed a very odd thing: far more than a fair share of these crazy danger-drivers seem to be driving hay trucks. Check it out:

Hay truck on fire!

Incident #1: Interstate 90, east-bound. We were driving home from work and saw a cloud of smoke ahead. Since the hill across from our house caught fire a couple years ago, I’m never quire sure what to expect from clouds of smoke, but this wasn’t quite it. Of course, by the time I got the camera out, it was way too late to get a good shot. Can you tell what it is? Yup! Hay truck on fire! Or rather, the hay is on fire. We figure the driver was probably smoking and thought flicking his cigarette butt out the window would be a good idea.

For SO many reasons, I continue to be baffled how smoking anything can be legal.

Incident #2, later that day: I saw a woman botch a U-turn, running over the U-turn sign, puncturing her gas tank which emptied its contents all over the street, and then she drove off, leaving the U-turn sign in the street to block traffic. I was worried that maybe she was drunk or having a siezure, but Dustin pointed out that she drove off in a very straight line. No hay bales in this story, but it was so weird I thought I’d share anyway.

And there is Incident #3. Busy intersection on Hanes where you turn to go to the Mall or to Kohl’s. No sign of the truck by the time we got there, but the hay he left behind was certainly causing a commotion.

An interesting choice for mid-intersection decor.

2 thoughts on “When Hay Bales Attack

  1. Amazing! When we had our hay cut, it was great. I’d never been in a paddock full of giant round hay bales before. But fortunately ours didn’t attack.

  2. I never really realized how huge these things were until I saw this one in the street. The look a lot smaller and more harmless when they’re sitting in fields.

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