I did it! I win! I got a part! I got THE part! I’m going to be Tzeitel in the upcoming Lead-Deadwood production of Fiddler on the Roof.


(And incidentally, here’s a funny thing):

I am Tzeitel!

Take the Fiddler on the Roof quiz at

Okay, here’s a recap of auditions. It wasn’t nearly as dire as my conversation with Tom led me to believe. There had been a gap in communication somewhere, resulting in a much more normal audition than I’d been expecting. The director was in town, the parts had not yet been cast, and there was singing involved.

And I have decided: I love community theater. Every other theater experience I’ve had, whether it was at a church when I was 10, high school, or college, getting into a play has been about who has the most talent, who has the most friends, or who is sleeping with the director. (Haha, okay, not really.) But in a production where your potential cast pool consists of a community of 4,200 – of whom only 40 show up for auditions (and some are just there with their kids) – the production actually has nothing to do with talent. Instead, it is completely about interest and commitment and having a great time. You’re not making do with second-rate talent, you are celebrating that at least you got as much talent as you did, and probably without the attitudes that come along with (some) truly talented people.

This is going to be fun. I’m going to giggle when things don’t go perfectly, delight in the fact that none of the actors can handle dialects, and appreciate the irony that the “older man” I’ll be marrying will probably be a high school student ten years younger than I am. And I’m going to drag Sharon along with me. We had a little pep talk this morning where I reminded her that this isn’t Broadway. The point, truly, is to have fun.

Hooray! I’m in a musical!


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