Minou: Scourge of the Living Room

Just after the beginning of the year, we raided one of those calendar stands in the mall and got a couple super-cheap calendars. I got a daily calendar called Bad Kitties. Or something like that. I figured the entertainment value of looking at cats getting into trouble was probably worth the $4.

In the calendar, I also found submission guidelines for how to get your very own cat into next year’s calendar. Well, I’m way too slow and unorganized for something like that, but the idea of showing off how very naughty my cat is somehow appeals. So here, for your viewing pleasure, are some pictures of my cat (of Garbage Kitty fame) being very naughty.
(Incidentally, several months ago I went to a seminar on SEO and the man presenting informed us that the number of blogs is growing exponentially every day. Of course, at the same time, lots of the new blogs are Cat Blogs – that is to say, blogs that people start for the sake of showing off their cats. These blogs inevitably fizzle before too long, because there are only so many pictures you can post of your cat trying to drink out of a vase… So here’s hoping this isn’t the doom of my blog. :))

Snow Cat

This is about the most innocent picture I have of her. She can’t quite seem to put two and two together to figure out that snow equals cold. This results in the all-time favorite cat past time: going inside and outside and inside and outside and inside again because the grass is always greener … er, snow is always colder…

Speaking of outside, this is her playing with her mouse. Yes indeedy, a real live (er, dead) mouse that she caught (presumably) all by herself. At least she didn’t bring it inside.

No real mice to be found? She’ll settle for a felt one.  This is her on her piano bench-cave.

Got attitude?


I call this next series “Inappropriate Places to Sit.”

In my drawers.

On the washer. And her favorite:

That’s right. Minou: Queen of the Dishwasher.  (Now if only she was a little more helpful about putting the clean ones away.)

Kitty phone home?

I’m her chew toy.

Actually, she’ll chew on just about anything.

And this is my favorite:

Demon kitty! I tried turning this photo upside down to see what it would look like, and it was too frightening to leave that way. Hehe. The Thing that goes bump in the night.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my naughty kitty.


One thought on “Minou: Scourge of the Living Room

  1. My dog likes to lie underneath the dishwasher. What is funny is that she is growing too much and has to push up the dishwasher to get underneath it.

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