Revving up for Ugly Sweater Day

In honor of Leap Year, our office is hosting an Ugly Sweater Party tomorrow. In effort to inspire my coworkers to participate, I hunted down some pictures of some truly horrendous sweaters. They’re entertaining enough that I though I’d post a collection of my favorites here for everyone’s viewing enjoyment. (Though Ugly Christmas Sweaters are apparently the most popular sort, I don’t have many here since, well… Leap Day is in February.) Photos all link back to the websites where I found these, so credit can be duly noted.




So there you have them. The rock stars of the Ugly Sweater World. I hope you’re inspired. See you tomorrow!


12 thoughts on “Revving up for Ugly Sweater Day

  1. The first one just *hurts* (apparently)
    I think I may know the people in the second one
    Is that a young Ray Liotta in pic #3?
    and I hope the last one wasn’t an item at some charity auction….

  2. No, no Ray Liotta. But the guy in the first picture is actually Wil Wheaton. You should take a look at his blog (the picture links to it). It’s pretty funny. It has been speculated that the clown sweater is the reason his career tanked… :p

  3. Oh my God that is hysterical! Stumbled on your site by accident and was mesmerised by the sweaters! I might suggest it for work – sadly it’ll have to wait – we are coming into Summer here in Australia.

    Sooo funny!

  4. It’s definitely worth it. There is nothing funnier than seeing your boss wearing the puppy dog sweater his grandma knit for him when he was 15. Love it.

  5. Hey, great post…. (I’m the guy wearing the sweater with the pink elephant)

    My best recommendation for finding an ugly sweater is to go to Goodwill store and snag one. The elephant sweater was only $2….

  6. hee! Thanks for stopping by, Taylor. Next time we have a party, that’s definitely what I’ll be doing!

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