My Dream About to Come True?

I joke about the fact that I don’t have any goals. For the most part, this is sadly true. I’m pretty much content to roll with whatever life throws at me. I have no career ambitions, no skills I want to take to the Next Level. But I do have things that I wish I could do, and would do if I had the time and/or talent.

One of those goals (dreams?) is to be in a musical.

Okay, stop laughing and listen. I’m serious! When I was 10 years old, I was in a musical called “Adam’s Apple” about everyone’s favorite sinners, Adam and Eve. I got to to be Eve. I wore pink tights and a long pink shirt with green felt leaves glued around my waist and chest. I got to sing two solos. I can remember all the words to this day. I’m sure I was very cute. The following year, at the ripe old age of 11, I was scheduled to play Lydia in another Biblically-themed musical. Before we even got around to rehearsals, though, our music director abandoned ship and the show died.

Thus ended my marvelous stage career.

I arrived in high school full of confidence and enthusiasm. I was given a bit part in a play during my freshman year, but when musical auditions rolled around, I fell flat on my face. Nerves kill me. As a senior, I got my second chance and had (I think) I kick-booty audition, but I wasn’t cast. I asked why, and the drama teacher told me I was too short. Too short for the chorus?!? I remained bitter for the remainder of my high school career. I still occasionally have dreams where this bitterness resurfaces, usually in the form of returning to my high school as some sort of musical star, much to the embarrassment of said drama teacher.

In college I was cast in four plays, as a dancer in each one. I was such a good dancer, they cast me even when there were no dancing parts called for. It was fun, the directors loved me, and I was happy. I flopped the audition my freshman year for Into the Woods (I SO could have been Red Riding Hood!) and junior year when they did Cabaret (a DANCING musical no less!) I was studying abroad. Woe for shattered dreams!

And so I am left with this unfulfilled desire to be in another musical – to prove to myself that hitting puberty didn’t rob me of all talent. And what comes my way?

Compliments of my coworker Sharon, who played a Mama in high school, from her husband who thinks it’s time for her to reprise her roll:


The Historic Deadwood Lead Arts Council (HDLAC) and the Historic Homestake Opera House (HHOH) will be hosting an informational meeting regarding the community theatre production of Fiddler on the Roof. The informational meeting will be held at the Smart Center located on the backside of the Opera House (Julius Street) at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 4. Auditions will be held at the Smart Center on Wednesday, March 5th and Thursday, March 6th at 7 p.m. with productions scheduled for May.

No experience is required to be a part of this wonderful theatre event. Donna Fjestad, of Pierre, will be directing the show and would like to encourage residents of all ages to participate. “There will be a part for everyone, no one will be turned away,” said Fjestad. A variety of roles are available from the main characters to the many villagers who range from young children to seniors. In addition to the acting roles, residents will be needed to help with choreography, music, stage sets, costumes, etc.

“The show is not about having only experienced and extremely gifted people involved, its about community and having fun with your friends and neighbors,” said Karen Everett, HDLAC Director. “Even if you’ve never been involved with theatre, it will be a great experience and we want you and need you!”

Help make history by being a part of the first community theatre production at the Historic Homestake Opera House since restoration began. For more information, please feel free to contact HDLAC at 584-1461, HHOH at 584-2067 or Donna Fjestad at 280-1393.

Do you SEE this?? Allow me to repeat the important part: “There will be a part for everyone, no one will be turned away.

Hooray! I’m a shoe-in! They can’t turn me away or call me too short! I could be one of 76 Townspeople!

But seriously – there aren’t that many people IN Lead or Deadwood, so I might, by statistical default, get a real part! I could be a Daughter. There are five of them, after all, and most of them don’t do anything but stand around. I can do that!

I told Sharon that if she does this, I will go see her in the play. “Hahaha!” she says. “That’s what I’m afraid of!” I promised to leave my camera at home. She didn’t sound convinced. She told me I could go audition instead, and that she would come see ME. I told her that if she does, she’d better bring her camera. I’d need pictures to send to my high school drama teacher. “SEE?? I am TOTALLY talented!!”

(I just heard her talking to someone else on the phone, saying “Laura is going to be in Fiddler on the Roof in May, and I want to make sure I’m here to see it.” Aah! It’s nice for people to believe in me!)

I can’t remember the last time I used this many exclamation points in anything I’ve written. I’m very excited. Now what do you suppose they’ll say when I tell them my rehearsal availability? “Monday nights, every other Wednesday, and Friday but only until 6:00…”

“Sign here,” they’ll say. They have to, after all. No one will be turned away!


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