Bork bork bork!

Bork? Bork bork!

I have a bunch of geeky friends. I love my geeky friends. They know the coolest things.

This delightful tidbit comes through my extra-geeky friend Christa, who doesn’t even know she’s the source of my discovery. I actually stole the info off her Facebook wall, though I’m giving her the credit because I don’t know the guy who actually posted it.

Go to Beside the search bar, you will see a link called “Preferences” or “Search Preferences.” Click it. From there, you can change your language options. Normally, this would not be very interesting to us monolingual Americans, but wait! Open the drop-down menu of language choices and peruse your options. See anything unusual?

Bork Bork Bork is just the start of the fun. How about a little Klingon? Pig Latin anyone? Regular Latin? Elmer Fudd is pretty good.

Have fun! Oh, and be careful with the Pig Latin. You might have more trouble than you’d expect figuring out how to change it back to English.

If you can’t get to the options the way I described above, here’s a helpful link:


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