Sometimes, Spam’s Worth Reading


I can’t help it. I was going to write a blog about Google fun, but I got a comment that’s just too good not to repost here for your reading enjoyment.

In reply to my No Waffles For You post, Rhinoplasty left this thoughtful comment:

I had a narrow nose, which made my friends to comment on the same. I had fallen in depression and did not recover until I got a cure for the same with non-surgical nose job done. Good post to go… Thanks guys!

Normally, I’m not entertained by spam that advertises for enlargement procedures, but this was too good to pass up. Non-surgical nose-enlargement? Perhaps they use a syringe to remove some fat from your chubby chin and reinsert it into your nose? Maybe they stick in a tube and inflate it with air? Perhaps they permanently adhere a nose prosthesis? Paint one of those clown noses pink and call it good?

I didn’t visit the link Mr. Rhinoplasty posted, because in the end, I don’t really want to know how non-surgical nose-enlargement works. I’d rather imagine it for myself.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes, Spam’s Worth Reading

  1. Thank you for good information~~*

    Please comeback to visit my blog too : (removed url was here – let’s just say it went something like this: http***rhinoplasty-nyc.*****.***)

    I’m sorry , If you think this is spam. but may i thank you again.


  2. Hahaha! Look! I got another one! At least this rhinoplaster got his subject matter straight.

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