Misadventures in Cookie Making

I like to make cookies. Well, I like to eat cookies, and unless I want to eat stale store cookies, I get to make them myself.

The problem is, I’m only good at making one type of cookie: chocolate chip. So I make those a lot. Last night, however, I was feeling adventurous and hungry for peanut butter, so I decided to make some of my mother’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirls. Here’s what they’re supposed to look like:

Like swirls. Get it?
(photo swiped from wchstv.com)
Swirly! That’s how they’re suppose to look. The cookies in the photo above might have been baked by a professional, but the cookies I remember my mother baking were equally beautiful. There were always a couple of duds, cut from the end of the roll, and we got to eat those first so I never minded.

I’ve made these cookies on my own once before, about a year ago. That’s how long it takes me to recover from the emotional distress these cookies cause me. Last year, I started baking too late in the day, and by the time I remembered I had to refridgerate the dough before slicing the cookies, I was tired and cranky. So I rolled the dough up the wrong way (along the short edge), stuck my impossibly fat roll of dough in the fridge, and left it over night.

When I pulled the dough out and attempted to slice the cookies up the next day, the chocolate was as hard as a rock, and I wound up smashing it apart and putting it back together. Here’s what those cookies looked like:


Okay, just kidding. That’s a cow pie. But that’s how I felt about my cookies last year.

And yet, something possessed me to try again. They’re tasty, what can I say? So, having learned from last year’s mistakes, I scrupulously avoided over-refrigerating the dough, pulling it out at exactly the recommended 30 minutes.

It was still a disaster. Not as big a disaster, but here are some pictures of my actual cookies:

But they've got personality.

Those are typical. Now here’s a picture of my very best looking cookie:


And HERE is what you do if you want to make even ugly cookies look good: stack them in a pyramid and put them on a pretty plate. Ta da!

Cookie Tower.

2 thoughts on “Misadventures in Cookie Making

  1. Thankfully, they were super tasty. My ego may not have been able to survive if they had also tasted bad. 😉 Maybe I’ll post the recipe. Why not? Stay tuned.

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