Garbage Kitty Saw What You Did

Not Amused.

So I have this cat. And she has personality, as cats are wont to have. My cat likes garbage cans, especially ones lined with plastic bags. I think it must be a combination of wonderful things: a box to crawl into and something crinkly to start a fight with. We have a garbage can in our desk room (I’d call it a study, but no one ever studies in there). Most of the time, the door to that room is closed, but when we open it up, she darts right in and goes for the garbage can. If there’s anything in it, she promptly knocks it over and pulls everything out. Then she crawls inside, turns around, and stares at you.

No one else understood this until a certain co-worker caught her in the act at the office. He sent me an email with the above and below images and a note that said the following:

It has come to my attention that I get in trouble for things that I never knew anyone saw. However through my sources I have found the spy in the office. PLEASE DO NOT INTERACT with said person. I have attached the following photos of the person for your eyes only.

Oops. And here I go sharing with everyone. Well, some criminals really need to be known. Watch your back.

I saw that.


4 thoughts on “Garbage Kitty Saw What You Did

  1. Oh yes, and I should point out that the images are courtesy of Definitely worth playing with.

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