Writing is Wonderful

A good friend of mine started a blog today. Well, technically yesterday. What am I doing up so late??

I’ll tell you what: I’ve got a bug to write something down, and when that happens, there’s no point in turning out the lights and pulling up the covers until I get it out. Words string themselves together in my head and then clatter and clamor around in there until I agree to let them out.

Back to the main point! My friend started a blog today/yesterday with the intention of getting back into the habit of writing, after having gotten out of it since college. We used to work in the Writing Center together, an exercise in the celebration of writing and the written word. I miss everything about that: I miss hanging out with people who write because they want to rather than because a teacher is forcing them, I miss my friend specifically, I miss college, I even miss Topics assignments. (I can’t even remember what “Topics” was short for anymore – Topics In Written Composition or something similar, I’m sure.) “Quick everyone! Write a coherent story/essay/poem using the words ‘white,’ ‘dessicate,’ ‘palimpsest,’ and ‘quarter.’ Go!”

No really. We had that assignment. It was hard.

The point is, I applaud everyone who writes for the sake of writing. Fooey on form and function (phooey on phorm and phunction?). Writing is art. Writing is fun. Writing is cathartic. In this day and age (Day and Age?) writing is an excellent way to keep in touch, get back in touch, or just let someone know you’re thinking of her.

So thanks for starting a blog, Villette. I can’t wait to see what leaks out of your fingertips.


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