2007: The Year In Review

This review is brought to you courtesy of CNN morning news and JibJab, the two most reliable news sources out there.

Last week I got an e-card from one of my coworkers. It was sent from JibJab, the fabulous fellows who brought us “This Land Will Surely Vote For Me” during the 2004 election season. They have now given users the option of pasting their own faces into goofy little videos to share with everyone you know.

I wasn’t nearly as interested in that as I was in seeing what was new from the JibJab people themselves. And thus I found “In 2007,” a plucky little apocalypse-prevention attempt at summing up the events of the past twelve months to the tune of “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

The irony is delicious.

Then, yesterday morning on CNN, I saw a montage of news clips that summed up the year in review. They highlighted most of the same articles that JibJab chose, except for their Britney Spears highlight, they chose her bald head escapade rather than her embarrassing MTV Music Awards performance.

I can see where making the call there would have been very difficult.


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