How to Eat a Pomegranate


I got a pomegranate. I also got an orange and a pear, but I’m most excited about the pomegranate. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten one, and I thought it was about time to give it another try.

I brought my pomegranate home and let it sit on the counter for a couple days while I waited to have enough free time to eat it. Pomegranates are not so much about the caloric intake as they are about the entertainment value. I’ve pointed this out to a number of people lately who have dissed pomegranates as being too much work for too little payoff. Think of it as exercise! I tell them. And good for your heart to boot.

I finally found some free time to give my pomeworkout a try. I sawed off the top and peeled back some of the rind. For about half an hour, I plucked pips out with my fingers and had a jolly good time.

But then I got bored and gave up with my pomegranate about 1/10th consumed. I stuck it in a bag and decided to try again later, since my enthusiasm hasn’t diminished even though my attention span had.

I decided to do a little pomegranate research on the internet.  One site suggested that you could soak a pomegranate, and the pips should just float right out. Perhaps I’ve been drew the short straw in the patience lottery, but this didn’t work out for me. I gave up after about ten minutes resumed plucking at my fruit like a monkey.

For my next round, I decided to try taking the advice of a friend who said that you’re supposed to beat the seeds out of pomegranates – some guy on some cooking show said so!

So I sawed the remaining portion of my pomegranate in half and whacked at it with a wooden spoon. Guess what? It works! Of course, I had pips flying all over the kitchen, but at least a majority of them landed in the bowl. My mother had enough gal to suggest maybe this had more to do with my lack of coordination than with any inherent properties of the pomegranate (“what, I have to hold it still while I whack it?”). I’ll be finding pips stuck in my curtains and under my cupboards for months. Hooray!


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