Muppets Still Rock

Beaker Goes Boom

Muppets have been a topic of constant conversation lately. I think it started a couple weeks ago when we took a friend up to Mount Rushmore and watched the display of pop culture references to the memorial, which included a segment from the very first Muppet Show.

Why are the Muppets so cool? In a world of digital animation and high tech special effects, why do a few stuffed animals with outrageous hairdos and sticks attached to their unarticulated limbs still make us so happy? Is it a generational thing? Since we grew up with the Muppets, are we devoted to them? I, personally, would take Muppets over Sponge Bob any day.

The conversation we had last night in the car was about Kermit and why it is he can’t seem to commit to Miss Piggy. Mat’s theory is that maybe Kermit is gay. I disagree. I think Kermit is either a commitmentphobe or maybe just a Miss Piggy-phobe. I’ve always been convinced that she bullied him into the relationship. Hard to blame him for not wanting to go the extra mile. Poor Kermit. Poor Miss Piggy.

And then we voted for our favorite Muppets. Mat voted for Gonzo. I voted for Kermit. Dustin was hesitant to commit to just one, but mentioned Beaker as one of his favorites. I have to second that, since I kind of identify with Beaker’s theory of communication. “Meep” has long been a favorite word of mine. And then there are the Muppet rats from Muppet Treasure Island… aah! And weren’t there Muppet peas somewhere? Maybe I’m imagining that.

Anyway. I just want to go on the record as saying that Muppets rock. Fraggles too.


3 thoughts on “Muppets Still Rock

  1. Peas sound vaguely familiar, but they’d be so tiny! Here are singing Muppet vegetables:

    And dancing Muppet cheese:

    And my most favorite Beaker clip:

  2. Alas, now I have to wait until lunch to see dancing Muppet cheese. In the meanwhile, I’d better go see if I can find out any more about Muppet peas…

  3. I grew up watching the muppets and they will always be my favorite, as to my favorite muppet, that is a hard choice to make, number 1 on my list would have to be Kermit, second would be Gonzo, then Animal, and then Beaker. As to the question “why doesn’t Kermit commit to Miss Piggy?” well, let’s face facts, in the Muppet Movie, Kermit did fall in love with Piggy, but after she left him and then got back together with him, not by his choice, she has been really pushing him to commit to anything, and it doesn’t help that in all the muppet movies, she is playing along as his wife or girlfriend.

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