Despotette In Training

Haha. Okay, well, not so much famous. But my co-schemer Lindsay just discovered a very interesting entry on a blog called Wordlustitude, an urban dictionary blog that is full of really fantastic words. Allow me to quote for you:


noun. A poser with feminine wiles, not yet capable of making a grown man pee his panties, romantically or otherwise.

Related term: despotette-in-training.

Real citation: “As the local creative genius extraordinaire and Despotette-Wannabe, being a bit flaky just comes with the territory. In her free time, Laura lives amongst the Dutch, plays in mud puddles, pines for the Stateside love-of-her-life, eats a lot of waffles, and plot-plots evil things for the club.”
(2004, Dawnsisters Weyr,

Made-up citation: “A despotette-wannabe in the dungeon is worth three proctologistettes in the parlor.”

As I started reading this post, I was thinking to myself, “someone stole my word!” But then I realized that no, no… that’s me they’re talking about there – my quote!

While the definition is a bit more on the sexy side that I’d originally intended (I was going more for general tyranny, imposed by a person of the female gender, implications about my stature acceptable), I find myself proud to imagine that I coined a word, even if it is a bit scandalous. A little scandal is good for the soul, right?


2 thoughts on “Despotette In Training

  1. You guys crack me up! I have been following Dustin’s blog on the Black Hills. Been enjoying it – a lot! Great job! Now he links to this, got me giggling again.

    You guys rock! Have a great day!

    Melissa Barth, Marketing Coordinator
    Spearfish Chamber/CVB

    Sex always sells… Not my first choice, but so effective. Like Dustin’s link to “Sex in a Tent”. LOL

  2. Sex in a tent?? How did I miss that?

    Thanks for your comment, Melissa – I’m glad I could help make you laugh. That is confirmation that I’m doing something right, anyway!

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