Paying the Toll Troll

I have just finished paying my missed Illinois tolls. Thank you, Illinois, for making my job so easy.

Next, I tried to figure out how to pay my Indiana tolls. There is no information anywhere on the web (that a reasonable amount of searching has revealed, anyway), and so I am writing an email to the Indiana DOT. I want to make very sure that they know I’m making a reasonable effort to get this taken care of. I am not toll dodging.

Dear DOT,

My husband and I recently traveled through Chicago and up I-90 into Indiana and eventually north to Michigan. Upon beginning our journey, we were unaware that the interstates around Lake Michigan were toll roads. As we have gotten into the habit of not carrying cash, we were unprepared for the tolls. The toll attendants in Illinois helpfully informed us that it wasn’t a problem, we could pay the tolls online, which I have just finished doing.

Grateful for the easy option, we continued our trip onto the Indiana portion of I-90. When we reached the first toll booth there, the attendant was helpful (if annoyed) at our lack of cash. She gave us a receipt for the missed toll, which I confess I did not examine very closely at the time. The next toll both we encountered was at Lake Station, where we exited the tollway. The attendant there insisted we had to pay cash. When we clarified our complete lack of ability to pay cash, she demanded our license and registration, eventually issuing another receipt similar to one we’d gotten at the previous booth.

Let me start by apologizing for the inconvenience we caused your toll attendants. If the ease of the Illinois toll system had not misled us into believing that our situation was reasonable and easy to fix, we would have made a detour to find cash before arriving in Indiana. However, the fact remains that we missed two tolls through no fault of our own, and I will not be happy if I receive a bill in the mail with a penalty. There is no information whatsoever on the receipts which provides directions on how to pay these missed tolls. I am a good citizen and wish to get this taken care of as soon as possible, but I have also been unable to find information on how to remedy this situation on your website, or on the izoom website. Please inform me as soon as possible what I can do to take care of these tolls. Our trip will not be taking us back through Indiana (and I will take great pains to avoid your toll roads in the future), so I hope there is a way to resolve this by mail, online, or by phone.

Missed Toll ID #1 6649531684301200 for $.50
Missed Toll ID #2 4982981684429002 for $.30

Laura Floyd


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