Salute to Fargo

I might have to turn this into a series.

I work in the travel industry. One of the things my office helps people do is come up with ways to attract people to certain destinations. We talk a lot about what people think of when they think of this-or-that city. For the most part, it’s what you’d expect. In the Black Hills, you think of Mt. Rushmore. In San Fransisco, you think of a big bridge and smelly people wearing flowers. In Texas, you think how sad it is that Bush had to come from such a nice place.

What does North Dakota make you think of? Fargo, in particular?

Dustin and I are currently on an epic road trip to visit (ultimately) my grandparents in Michigan. Along the way, we have lots of other stops to make. We are currently in Fargo, North Dakota on our second stop. We checked into our hotel and the desk clerk gave us a map of the area, printed by the Fargo-Moorhead CVB. A little logo in the corner announced:

Better than Rarely Warm

So let me repeat: what do you think of when you think of Fargo?

To be fair, I’m sure the CVB had a rather tough time coming up with a good motto, and it’s easy enough to see what they were going for. To give you an idea of how hard I imagine their job was, let me suggest a few mottos I suspect they probably rejected:

  • Where the weather isn’t warm, but the people are.
  • Where it doesn’t always snow.
  • You like snow.
  • Relax. Get snowed in!
  • Where we don’t really put people in chippers.
  • Yabetcha.

So Fargo – I applaud your effort, and admire your willingness to use that motto even though everyone who reads it must laugh. At least they won’t forget.


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