The Worst Credentials

Hey baby! Wanna getta divorce?

I don’t know why I get these emails, but ever since I published my first story in Deadwood Magazine, I get them with some regularity. I refer to emails – usually from authors – which beg me to write a review or make an announcement about some book or event. They almost never have anything to do with Deadwood or the Wild West, but I get them anyway. Most of the time, I just delete them. I don’t need to know about the new lipstick brand you just invented or the alpaca stampede in Tuscon. But this one – this one caught my eye.

It was an email titled “Stay Married or Get Divorced?” I admit, it’s a catchy headline. I had only recently been complaining to my husband about how many television commercials there are which capitalize on damaged relationships. He pointed out that such commercials probably appeal to the larger part of the American population, who are more likely to identify with that than with healthy relationships. Pity.

So I opened this email. I got through the first paragraph before my jaw dropped open and I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a joke. Check it out:

In preparing for his own marriage ten years ago, Corey Donaldson self published the pre-marriage book (based on 1500 interviews) on questions to consider before marriage, Don’t You Dare Get Married Until You Read This. It was an instant media hit across the nation! Later, he was published by Random House Inc. Now years later Corey is divorced! And guess what? Corey’s latest contribution assists the reader on deciding the same thing as his new book title suggests, Stay Married Or Get Divorced?

Hahaha! Whoever handles the marketing for this fellow is on the entirely wrong track.

The whole email was an invitation to review the Divorce Book and interview the author. One of the suggested questions was: “* Having compiled a book on pre-marriage questions, why did you get divorced?” I’m half-tempted to arrange an interview just so I can ask that question.


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