Cooking & the Cat

(Different from Cooking the Cat.)

There’s a long story behind why we decided to do this involving a missing can of cream of mushroom soup, but I’ll spare you the details. Yesterday, I brought my crock pot to work. It wasn’t because I charitably planned to share my cooking with my coworkers, but because I was convinced that without my missing mushroom soup, my dinner would be a failure.

I was making a pot roast. It cooked, sans soup, until lunch time and no one said anything. Over lunch, I procured some soup. I came back, opened up my crock pot, and added the soup. I also released parfum de pot roast into the whole office. It wasn’t long before two of my coworkers poked their heads around the corner to see what was going on and complain about how cruel I was.

This would have been enough, except suddenly we heard the pitter-patter of little feet. Well, more like the thud-tromp-tromp. My cat, who until then had been napping peacefully, came careening around the corner with an expression of hope and joy on her furry little face.


Mat helpfully snatched her up so I could finish stirring, but she cried and cried, oh-so-mournfully. “Let me at that stew!” she was crying.

Once the lid was back on, she calmed back down, but for the rest of the afternoon, she did not let my pot roast out of her sight. She camped out on the floor by the pot, hopping hopefully to her feet every time I walked by.

So I guess I’ve learned my lesson. No more bringing pot roast to work unless I intend to share; otherwise, I’m liable to making my cat and my coworkers cry.


2 thoughts on “Cooking & the Cat

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  2. I’m not very clear about how I got the pingback above. It used to link to a dumb looking site called familystyledining . info (I won’t give them the dignity of another link here) but then it gave credit to my post to a blog named and THAT blog seems to be both legitimate and entertaining. So… I’ll leave it up. And if anyone (especially from Granny Cart) knows what happened… clue me in?

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