Swapping Books

Last weekend, Deadwood hosted the South Dakota Festival of Books. Many local and regional authors convened to sell books, sign books, talk about books, and read books. My mother in law, Nyla Griffith, was among those authors, championing her first novel, Lucky Strike.

Some day, maybe I’ll proudly brandish a name tag with the title “Author” on it as well.

But for this weekend, I was there as a volunteer. Last year, I joined an online book trading site – paperbackswap.com. I read about them in a newspaper article and thought to myself, “self, you have a lot of junky books that you’ve never read, never will read, or will never read again. Why not trade them in for books you’d rather have?”

And so I did. And so I wound up volunteering at their booth at the SD Festival of Books, extolling the virtues of trading unloved books for ones you’d rather have. Apparently I enjoyed myself so much, I’ll just keep right on extolling! So:

I adore Paperback Swap. All you have to do is list the books you don’t want any more, wait for someone to request one, then stick it in the mail. Every time you mail a book to someone else, you can choose a book to have mailed to you. To date, I’ve sent out something like 40 books, and received about 30 books in return. My husband likes this because it keeps the balance of books in our house relatively even.

And seriously. What’s better than getting a book in the mail?

Paperbacks, hardcovers, audio books – you can swap ’em all. If you’re a book hoarder, fear not! You can keep all the books you receive, if you like them that well. Too attached to your other books to let any of them go? Surely you must have a friend or a relative who reads Harlequins! Offer to trade away their books and share the bounty you receive in turn. Everyone wins.

I’m assuming my readers are bibliophiles like myself, and if this sounds like an ad, I guess it is. There are currently over a million books listed on the site, but every time new members join, that number goes up, and it becomes easier to find the books you want. So go sign up! Do it today! And when you do, tell them Snukes sent you. 🙂


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