Easy Answers to Easy Problems

We have a deep fryer. We like to fry stuff. Frying stuff is messy business. Cleaning up gooky oil is not as easy as it sounds. Prompted by Dustin, I ran to my good friend the internet with the question “How do I clean my deep fryer?”

I found the best answer ever.

Post by <Name removed to protect the grouchy> | (10/25/2006)
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Throw it out Heather, what in gwad’s name do you need a deep fryer for????
If you “need” to “fry” food, try a bit of oil in a frying pan…do hope you realize how unhealthy that type of food preparation is…

Hahahaha! I love it. Got a problem with a device? Well, throw it away, because it probably is ruining your life in one way or another anyway. I suppose that is, in fact, how we decide what Things in life we need or don’t need, by whether the pleasure they give us outweighs the harm they do to us.

Hands off my fried cheese.


2 thoughts on “Easy Answers to Easy Problems

  1. I make boneless buffalo wings every week. I still have not found a good way to clean the oil. I looked for a metal screen I could drag through and scoop out the particles floating around in there but I can’t find one. So I just change the oil completely every few weeks.

  2. We have a little screen like that we can use to fish out the floaties, but the the oil still gets gunky and smelly after awhile, so changing the oil is a good thing. The GOOD advice I found about cleaning the fryer itself said to boil water in the basin along with some Dawn dish soap. (Seriously. Every place I looked said Dawn specifically.) And lo! It was amazing. All the super cakey nasty oil came off (with a bit of scrubbing).

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