Never-Ending Story: Take One!

I just had an idea that entertains me immensely. I know it isn’t original, but I’m going to pretend I’m brilliant anyway.

We played the composite story game in writing class today, but I’m going to prove my giant nerdiness and continue it here.

I’m going to start a story. Please – anyone who wants to, continue it. Leave a comment and add a few sentences. Make sure you read any other comments first so your comment makes sense. I don’t need linear, but at least a shred of logical connection.

The story will continue until it reaches a logical conclusion. Wait for at least one other person to add something before you add another comment. No other rules. Enjoy! 🙂

Sam stood in the yard staring at the old oak tree. It was twisted and knotted, old beyond measure. He leaned heavily on his ax, just staring at it. What interesting stories the tree could probably tell, if it could talk. Before he could spend too much time thinking about this, though, he was startled out of his reveries by a noise.


4 thoughts on “Never-Ending Story: Take One!

  1. Sam dropped his ax to the ground in a start. He wondered what could make such a noise as that just echoed in the forest. Old men would tell tales in their drunken stupor at the local tavern about creatures that supposedly walked the forest. None of that mattered now as Sam slowly inched his way in the direction of that unearthly noise.

  2. But Sam was already out of earshot. As he walked, the forest seemed to close in behind him, dark and impenetrable. Even though sunlight always filtered through the overhead canopy of thick leaves at this spot, it was steadily getting darker – unusually so. The common sounds of the forest – so familiar to Sam – the wind in the branches, the stirring of leaves, the snap of a twig, the flutter of a bird were eerily and quite uncharacteristically hushed. Imperceptibly the temperature had dropped and the calm, dark stillness sent a shiver down the back of Sam’s neck. It suddenly dawned on him that his surroundings were totally unknown to him. He had grown up in these woods – he knew every tree – but as he looked anxiously around he recognized nothing. It was just as he became aware of his accelerated heartbeat and the surge of panic rising in his throat that he saw it.

  3. An apple pie. It was sitting on a mossy stump and a ray of sunlight penetrated the thick branches overhead to shine down upon it. He could smell it too, a delicious, warm aroma that reminded him of childhood at his grandmother’s house. His mouth began to water, and without conscious thought, he began walking toward the pie, hands outstretched.

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