Row, row, row your log…

This week, Dustin and I are dog sitting for my mother. Well, to be fair, my sister is dog sitting and we’re helping. Sitting on this dog is a full time job – Megan needs a break once in awhile.

That is why we’re staying in my mother’s house this weekend. The dog has so many insecurities that removing her from her familiar environment would probably push her over the edge.

Just after we arrived this afternoon, it began raining. It started as a nice little soaker, but soon I heard the tell-tale “plink-plink” that announces the arrival of hail.

“Uh oh,” I think to myself. My mother keeps lovely flowers in pots all over the front and back porches. Just a couple of weeks ago, a hail storm broke one of my healthy corn plants, so I hated to think what it might do to her flowers. Dutiful daughter that I am, I darted out into the rain and began dragging the pots to safety.

Geeze, she has a lot of potted plants.

By the time I was done, I was completely drenched. No, not “please don’t sit on the couch while you’re all wet” drenched, but rather “please don’t even bother coming inside while you’re that wet drenched. So, after the hail stopped, I stayed outside and splashed around in the river that the street had become for awhile. The neighbor came out to cover some of his own plants and looked at me liked I’d grown two heads. The water was nice and warm, anyway; the pavement had been broiling hot only moments before.

Waving at the neighbor from the Hall Street River.

I peeled my clothes off in the entrance and wrapped up in a fuzzy robe. I found Dustin at the back door, watching the creek behind the house rise. Normally, the creek is dry. During a normal rain, it will get all muddy and maybe trickle a bit, but it primarily serves the purpose of a ditch, keeping rainwater from ruining a lawn that someone might otherwise choose to plant there.

By the time I came to look, the creek was full. “Take a picture, take a picture!” I told Dustin. I wanted my mom to see what she had missed. It’s nice to see the creek flow.

The creek is flowing!

I found an umbrella so we could get a better vantage and went out on the deck to watch. As I watched, the rain didn’t stop. The creek kept flowing. And is that my imagination, or is that tree out there – the one that appears to have two trunks – having water flow around on both sides? No wait! Between the two trunks??

By the time I got Dustin’s camera back, the water had gone nuts and I remembered that technically, my mother’s back yard is a flood plain…


Muddy back yard

Super cool. I love big weather. (Well, some big weather. When I don’t think it’s going to kill me.) As we stood there and watched, we saw two basketballs float by. I also saw a log big enough to carve a boat out of float by. If my life was a novel, the log would have been carrying two drenched and unhappy-looking beavers or woodchucks or something. We also saw most of the contents of my several-doors-up-the-street neighbor’s apple tree float by. Dustin thought they were tennis balls at first. Too bad there were no marmots on that log. They’d’ve had a snack for their trip.


6 thoughts on “Row, row, row your log…

  1. It was really coming down in Belle the other day too – not nearly as bad as there though. There I used a dash – yay.

  2. What a great story. What a nice weekend. I am sorry we didn’t get any rain. We have woodchucks but they don’t float. I loved your pictures.

  3. Nice suspenseful narration with dexterous use of photography precisely where the thousand words of a picture had the greatest effect. πŸ˜‰ Actually, I can’t really comment on South Dakota weather, so I had to write something. πŸ™‚ We haven’t had a good rain in weeks and weeks. Ah, but your description does make me miss some of those good old prairie thunderstorms I grew up with…particularly from ’93 when everything was underwater. I remember that we had a similar creek experience that year, though (thankfully) it was much further from the house!

  4. I’m speechless – and heaven knows that doesn’t happen very often. I just loved you splashing about in the street like a four-year-old with advanced dementia, dear Laura.
    I can only tell you that if you didn’t get totally flooded out it’s because the rest of the rain fell in Belgium. We spent a week at the seaside (Pas-de-Calais, France) because although we should know better it was the middle of August so the weather should be reasonable, right? Wrong. When loading the car the heavens opened and I ended up swimming back and forth to load the roofbox and boot (trunk to you forriners …). Not an auspicious start, but a premonitory one. The weather kind of went downhill from there … Never mind, at the end of next week Jon and Sab will be home from the Congo and we’ll be off to Ste Maxime in the S of France where the sun really shines and the sea is really warm and you don’t have to convince yourselves you’re having a good time as you shiver on the beach …
    Great to hear from you and to read your story. A big Hi to Dustin and much love and a big hug to you from your “other” parents across the Pond …

    Paul and Marilyn

  5. Paul Mr Evans sounds like a man who might wear a tuxedo and lead around a troupe of dancing penguins. Oh wait, that’s Mr. Popper.

    Anyway, it’s wonderful to see you, Paul! Your life sounds so exotic, rain and all. Have a wonderful time in Ste Maxime!

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