SO not enthused.

There are certain words I don’t believe belong in the english language. “Enthused” is one of them.

I can’t remember the first time I heard this word, but I’m pretty sure I even cringed at the time. Maybe it’s a fad word, like “stoked” (a word with the same definition, but infinitely more satisfying in mental imagery), but apparently not. I think it is a word that was invented in the heat of the 90s, along with such gems as “not,” “whatever,” and “loo-hooo-ser.”

There are two different ways you can use the word “enthused.” It can be an adjective (“I am so enthused to see the Spice Girls reunite!!”) or a verb (“‘I totally love the Spice Girls,’ she enthused.”)

The second usage is by far the most awful. It somehow makes me think of raving, or head bopping, or open wounds. Not sure why, but those are the mental images I attach to that word.

You’ll never catch me being enthused or enthusing about anything. No thank you.  Regular old excitement for me.


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